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Posted on July 16 2012


Related article: Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005 17:19:46 +0000From: Caroline Hunter Subject: Drag in Hamburg Part 1This story may be reposted/archived to FREE adult access provided my nameand this notice are included in the message text. This story is fictionaland any resemblance to actual persons or events is strictly unintended.Copyright 2005 Caroline Hunter. All Rights Reserved.When I let college in the late seventies I went to live in Hamburg for acouple of years. At the time I was in a long term relationship with a girlback in Ireland and was keen to keep up with her despite the distance. Itsurvived for as few months - I went back to see her Preteen Models and she came over to seeme - but after that she lost interest, attracted I think by the a fellowstudent back home. So I started looking around for company of my own.Hamburg was a lively place in those days, with a great student nightlife andthe more racy scene around the Reeperbahn. I got to know a few people in theAltona distgrict and started hanging Preteen Models around a bar which put on music shows.One night I arrived at the bar to discover that the show on that night was atravelling drag show. I went to the bar for a drink and was introduced by myfriend Otto the barman to the leader of the group, Renate, a tall, striking40 something female impersonator wearing a long purple velevet dress and aflamboyant red wig. She told me that Germany had a long tradition of dragshows and her group were from Berlin, the heartland of drag shows. They hadstarted off in a Berlin night club which had closed down and were now on theroad, taking their show across the country. It was a precarious existence -they travelled in a camper van which also doubled up as their dressing roomand could not always afford to find accomodation - but on this occasion theywere pleased to visit Hamburg becasue the Altona Bar found them accomodationand made sure of a good income. Renate encouraged me to stay and watch theshow and to let her know afterwards what I thought of it.I was honestly surprised that the show was on - I hadn't checked the list offorthcoming attractions and had really just come for a drink - but I wasfascinated by the prospect of seeing a real German drag show. I had nevertried wearing women's clothes myself but I had had fantasies about doing sowhen a young teenager. I watched with growing fascination as the showunfolded - as well as Renate and her 40 something friend Ursula who did takeoffs of German traditional favorites such as Marlene Dietrich and comedyturns as German Bierhalle waitresses, there were two very attractive youngerfemale impersonators who played glamorous, more sensitive roles as dancersand as nightclub stars. The highlight of the evening was their dance routineto accompany a famous Charles Aznavour song about a transvestite, sung inGerman, where the 2 younger girls transformed themselves from ugly ducklingsto swans, changing from male clothes to gorgeous dresses on stage.Afterwards Renate came up to me with one of the younger girls, a redhead,and asked what I thought. I told them I had been captivated and hadparticularly enjoyed the younger girls' dance at the end. I chatted to theredhead, called Heidi, for some time - she had changed into a daring minidress with her long legs encased in fishnet tights- and she told me how shehad come into the show as an 18 year old, what her ambitions were and howmuch she enjoyed praise from admirers. Renate came back to speak to me andencouraged me to come back the following evening early , to see the girlsbeing made up and to enjoy the show again. As I left to go homw I saw thatHeidi Preteen Models had started talking to a smartly dressed man who was sitting next toher with his hand on her thigh. Heidi was smiling at him and was clearlyenjoying making his acquaintance.The following evening I arrived at the bar bright and early to find Renate,this time in trousers and a headscarf instead of her wig, in a panic. Thesecond younger girl, Beate, had broken her leg the night before when outwith a sailor after the show - she had tried to walk down the Fischmarktsteps in high heels to get to his ship and had tripped over a drunk lying onthe ground. She was now in hostpital and would be out of action for Preteen Models somemonths. Renate couldn't think how to mount the show without a partner forHeidi. She started looking closely at me, at my face, my body, I wonderedwhat she was up to."Chris, mein junger freund"... she said, "I think you can help us!" Irealised what she was proposing and protested - how could I who had neverworn women's clothes expect to substitute for the beautiful Beate? She toldme not to worry, I was about the same height and build as Beate (skinny tobe precise), was not at all hairy (I only had to shave every third day) andwith some help from the magic make up brush could look passable. Heidi wouldtake the leading roles, I had seen the show the previous night, all I had todo was to follow Heidi and to smile. What did I have to lose she said - shewould even pay me a small sum! I was a bit short of cash since my studentgrant hadn't come through so I agreed.Renate led me through to the back, clapped her hands when she saw Ursula andHeidi and said "Schaut mal meuine Freundinnen, dieser lieber Kerl wird Beateversetzen!" Heidi smiled and took my hand. She took Preteen Models me through to the sharedchanging room, told me to take my clothes off and gave me a tight pair ofknickers to wear. She then helped me into a cream coloured body suit whichshaped my waist and hips, and fastened a lacy cream bra on top into whichfalse breasts had been sewn. She then got me to sit down and helped me toput on a pair of spangly tights. She then said I should put on a pinknegligee while waiting for Renate to come to do my make up.I sat down at the Preteen Models mirror, feeling slightly incogruous but nonethelessexcited at wearing this sexy underwear below my obviously male face andhairstyle. That was all to change as Beate worked her magic on me - firstthe contours of the face appeared with foundation, powder and blusher, thenthe eyes were transformed with bright coloured eyeshadow and dark mascaraand eyeliner, then the face was completed with bright red lipstick. Heidimeantime had painted my fingernails red and had fitted earrings, braceletsand a necklace. Last of all came the wig - a chestnut brown, shoulderlength, wavy wig. I was transformed into a magical creature - more angularthan the beautiful Beate but nonethless tall, striking and ready for theshow! All I had to do now was to take instructions from Heidi on how tofollow her on the various acts - Renate had simplified the dance steps, whatI really had to do was to stay behind Preteen Models Heidi and do some of the simplerthings that she did. I made a mess of the couple of rehearsals we managedbut Renate gave me a big hug and told me not to panic, all would be well.The show itself went like a blur - when I first went out on stage behindHeidi wearing a long dress and high heels I initially tripped over my dressbut Ursula showed me from the side how to hold it in one hand which gave memore confidence. As the night went on I felt more and more the part and bythe Charles Aznavoour sketch was confident enough to appear without my wigand to put it on on stage, demonstrating the transformation from an unhappyboy to a fulfilled Preteen Models woman that was the key theme in the song. In no time all4 of us were taking our bow, Renate asking for special applause forCaroline, the Belgian girl who had replaced Beate at such short notice. Iremebered to curtsey and smiled at the wolfwhistles which came from thecrowd!Back in the dressing room Heidi gave me a big hug and said that I was anatural. Come with me through into the bar she said, handing me a short miniskirt and blouse to wear. We both sashayed through to admiring looks andtook a seat on bar stools, crossing our long legs in front of admiring eyes.Heidi had told me what a wonderful night she had had with Hans, the guy shehad been with the night before, and how he had been bringing a friendtonight for Beate. Hans and his friend approached us both, introducedthemselves politely and ordered us champagne. The evening flew on in a waveof femininity and before long I was dancing in the arms of Jurgen, Hans'friend, who pressed up against me and whispered in my ear that he thought Iwas the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. As he led me off to a taxi totake us to his hotel Renate whispered in my ear that she would see me thenext morning to sign me up as a replacement for Beate for the next threemonths of the tour.......To be continued
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